Why Being a Cyber Security Specialist is the Best Career Choice You Could Make

Are you tired of looking at the news and seeing another story about how companies are getting hacked, people’s private information is being compromised, and/or large servers are being held ransom? If you want to be part of the solution, not the problem, there’s no better way than becoming a cyber security specialist. No matter what kind of company or organization you work for, having the best possible defenses in place will help ensure its safety from both external and internal threats. Here’s why this career choice is the best one for you.

The growth of technology

Technology Growth

Technology keeps expanding at an exponential rate. Just take a look at what computers looked like 20 years ago and you can see how far we’ve come! With that said, technology is also vulnerable to cyber-attacks by hackers who are doing their best to break into databases, steal private information and destroy network security systems. The amount of work needed to protect these networks is too great for any one person or organization to do alone.

The rising cases of cybercrime

Rise Of Cyber Crimes

The type of cybercrimes can be classified as identity theft, bank fraud, and illegal or stolen data access among others. Businesses have also been targeted by hackers through malicious programs and software. In addition to these types of cybercrimes, there are also attacks that target government organizations, financial institutions and corporations. It’s safe to say that all businesses today should employ proper cybersecurity measures to protect their information systems against potential attacks by hackers. If you want to learn more about what it takes to become a professional in cyber security, read on.

The global demand for qualified professionals

Need of Specialists

The global demand for cyber security specialists has increased exponentially, as more businesses realize just how crucial good security practices are. Demand has also increased dramatically because many major businesses have had their information hacked and/or leaked in recent years. It doesn’t take much to become a cyber security specialist, especially when you consider that many of these jobs are entry-level positions. But with those caveats aside, if you’re looking for a career choice that will pay well and remain in high demand over time, becoming a cyber security specialist is definitely worth serious consideration.

How this job can empower you

White Hat Hacker

For starters, cyber security specialists are some of the highest paid professionals in IT. Their average salary ranges from $85,000 to $125,000 per year—in fact, it’s higher than most tech jobs. They have several career paths they can choose from based on what industry or sector they want to serve: government, health care and technology industries all need cyber security specialists to protect their data and assets. In addition, there are a number of certifications you can earn to enhance your marketability as well as boost your earning potential. The great thing about cyber security careers is that you don’t have to work for someone else; you can start your own consulting business or join an existing one that provides protection for businesses and other organizations. If you enjoy being part of something bigger than yourself and helping others solve problems, then becoming a cyber security specialist could be just right for you!

We hope these benefits inspire you to become a cyber security specialist!

If you are considering your career options, then maybe it’s time to look into becoming a cyber security specialist. If you do, here are some of its most attractive benefits

  •  It will never be boring!
  •  It’s an in-demand job that pays well!
  • The field is growing fast!
  • You’ll have great flexibility and opportunities for advancement.
  • Technology is ever changing so the chance of this career being monotonous is very minimal.

We hope these benefits inspire you to make career Choice!

Always remember that each of us have an infinite amount of opportunities in life, and we just have to take time to decide what really makes us happy. This doesn’t mean that your career can’t change over time, or that you shouldn’t expect things to be difficult when you first enter a new field; it just means there are great reasons for making changes along with potential challenges. If you stick with it, I know it’ll be worth it! As always, I wish you luck!

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