Top 5 Books To Learn Ethical Hacking That You Can Buy Today

Just wanting to be a ethical hacker is not enough, ask any professional and they will emphasis on reading and gaining knowledge as much as you can. In the field of cyber security and for a cyber security specialist learning never stop and it shouldn’t either because there is always something new to learn. So we are here with our  Top 5 Books To Learn Ethical Hacking recommendations that you can buy today as a beginner to begin your journey to becoming ethical hacker.

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Hacking: 4 Books in 1

Hacking: 4 Books in 1 Rating

This is a great bundle of four book by Erickson Karnel (Author, Publisher), Coding Hood (Author). The books are also available as an audio book which has been narrated by Nikola Muckajev (Narrator). This is one of our pick in our top 5 books to learn ethical hacking because you get a beginners bundle pack with four books and the contains of the book are as follows: 

The first book is Hacking for Beginners: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cracking Codes, Penetration Testing, and Computer Viruses. How to Ethically Hack and Grow by Learning Basic Security Tools.

Hacker Basic Security: Learning Effective Security Methods and How to Manage Cyber Risks is the second book in the series. Attack and Defense Strategy Tools are included in the awareness program. Hacking’s Art of Exploitation.

Networking Hacking: A Complete Guide to Computer Wireless Network Technology, Connections, and Communications Systems is the third book in the series. Penetration of a Network in Practice Using Services and Hardware.

The fourth book, Kali Linux for Hackers, will teach you how to use Kali Linux more effectively and how to defend yourself from the most typical hacking attempts. Security professionals love Kali Linux because it allows you to test your own systems for weaknesses and simulate assaults.

Some of the key highlights of the books are:

  • A crash course on hacking
  • Web hacking and Google hacking
  • Fingerprinting
  • Various sorts of attackers
  • Software vulnerabilities
  • A computer network’s fundamentals
  • How do you choose the right security assessment tools?
  • Social engineering
  • Password Cracking Techniques
  • Linux utilities for network security
  • Security flaws exploitation
  • The basics and significance of cybersecurity
  • Threats and assaults against various types of cybersecurity
  • How can data security breaches be avoided?
  • Techniques for preventing computer viruses
  • Cryptography

These are just the tip of the ice berg so if you think this bundle is just what you need then you should get it today. 

Ethical Hacking for Beginners

The second recommended book in our Top 5 books to learn ethical hacking is “Ethical Hacking for Beginners: A Step by Step Guide for you to Learn the Fundamentals of CyberSecurity and Hacking Kindle Edition” By Ramon Nastase (Author).  The topic that this book covers are: 

  • The type of hackers
  • How the process of Hacking works and how attackers cover their traces
  • How to install and use Kali Linux
  • The basics of Cybersecurity
  • All the information on malware and cyber attacks
  • How to scan the servers and the network
  • WordPress Security & Hacking
  • How to do Google Hacking
  • What’s the role of a firewall and what are your firewall options
  • What you need to know about cryptography and digital signatures
  • What is a VPN and how to use it for your security

The book is perfect for a beginner as the book covers the most basic parts of the tools and skill required to be a ethical hacker.

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The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing

The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing

The Basics of Hacking and Penetration Testing, 2nd Edition by Patrick Engebretson (Author), is a step-by-step guide on completing a penetration test or performing an ethical hack from start to finish. It is not necessary to have any prior hacking experience. You’ll learn how to use and evaluate the findings of contemporary hacking tools, which are necessary for completing a penetration test. Backtrack and Kali Linux, MetaGooFil, DNS interrogation, Nmap, Nessus, Metasploit, the Social Engineer Toolkit (SET), w3af, Netcat, post-exploitation methods, the Hacker Defender rootkit, and more are among the tools covered. The book explains how to use the tools efficiently in a straightforward manner and proposes a four-step technique for conducting a penetration test or hack. The book explains how to use the tools efficiently in a straightforward manner and proposes a four-step technique for conducting a penetration test or hack. You’ll learn the skills you’ll need to get a head start in your profession or improve your grasp of offensive security. The book takes readers through each of the procedures and tools in a systematic, organized manner, allowing them to see how the output from each tool may be fully exploited in the penetration test’s future phases. This method enables readers to understand how the tools and stages work together.

Key Highlights why this book is on our top 5 list of books to learn ethical hacking is: 

  • updated material on Kali Linux
  • focus on the fundamental tools needed to execute a penetration test.
  • The Social Engineer Toolkit
  • Meterpreter, w3af, and other new tools have been added! 
  • Each chapter includes practical examples and activities

Written by a Penetration Tester who works in the field and teaches Dakota State University’s Offensive Security, Penetration Testing, Ethical Hacking, and Exploitation programs.

The Web Application Hacker's Handbook (For intermediate Ethical hackers)


This book may be a little advance for a complete beginner but not including this book could be a crime. As this book is very popular amongst the cyber security specialist who are interested in web hacking and testing. So this book had to be included in our list of Top 5 books to learn ethical hacking 

The extremely successful security book has been thoroughly revised and is now available in a new version. Most firms’ front doors are web apps, which expose them to assaults that might reveal personal information, conduct fraudulent transactions, or compromise regular people. This practical book has been totally updated and reworked to provide the most up-to-date step-by-step tactics for attacking and defending a wide range of constantly changing online applications. You’ll look at the new technologies that have surfaced in web applications since the first edition, as well as the new attack strategies that have been created, notably on the client side.

  • Describes how to overcome new technologies and approaches for protecting web applications from assaults that have developed since the last version.
  • New remoting frameworks are discussed, as well as HTML5, cross-domain integration strategies, UI redress, framebusting, HTTP parameter pollution, hybrid file assaults, and other topics.
  • Features a companion web site created by the authors that allows users to test out the attacks discussed, offers solutions to the questions given at the conclusion of each chapter, and summarizes the approach and tasks to be completed.

Hacking For Dummies - 7th Edition

This book is already on it’s 7th edition and was released on 2022 so this is a latest book that had to be included in Top 5 book to learn ethical hacking. Although this book doesn’t directly involve learning to hack as much as the other books in our list, it includes following information that can be a great help for ethical hackers.

Your smartphone, laptop, and desktop computer are more vital than ever before in your life and company. They carry important information that should be kept private, in addition to making your life simpler and more productive. Fortunately for us all, anyone can learn effective data privacy and security strategies to keep the bad people outside, where they belong.

Hacking For Dummies takes you on an easy-to-follow cybersecurity journey, teaching you the fundamentals of vulnerability and penetration testing so you can spot security flaws before the bad guys can. You’ll learn how to safeguard your Wi-Fi networks, lock down your most recent Windows 11 installation, and comprehend the security implications of remote work, among other things.

  • Keep up with the newest security flaws that might damage your company’s security configuration.
  • To “penetration test” your network’s security, use publicly available testing tools.
  • Use regular security audits to guarantee that your data is always protected from thieves.

Yes reading and increasing you knowledge is important and recommended by every cyber security professional but hands-on experience is also vital to becoming an ethical hacker. Have a look at this Top 5 list:  Top 5 Sites To Learn Cyber Security For Free

Also don’t forget to leave a comment if you have any queries or suggestions for us. Hack and Learn!!!

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