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OSP is here to guide and assist you on your journey to becoming a Cyber Security Specialist. We bring to you:

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Who Are We?

We are a group of Experienced Professional Ethical Hackers

OSP is a group of ethical hacker with over 3 decades of experience in the security industry. Having worked on hundreds of projects, now we are here to share our knowledge and experiences with YOU.

Disclaimer: All the information provided in this website are for educational purposes only we do not encourage or support any sort of unethical or illegal activities. The information and guides provided are from our own experiences and knowledge, therefore it should not be considered to be any sort of official education.


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OSP brings various blog posts and articles for YOU. Some of the recommended posts that can provide some useful information to help you succeed in you    Ethical Hacking Journey


This section provides an overview of the course, including an introduction to Cybersecurity, different types of hackers, and the concept of ethical hacking. We also guide you in setting up Virtual Box and Kali OS for hands-on learning.

Recon & Information Gathering

This section covers important techniques and tools for web application testing and reconnaissance. We will explore link and JS links, fuzzing, directory busting, subdomain enumeration, and DNS lookup/WHOIS. These techniques enhance web application testing and reconnaissance capabilities.

Scanning & Enumeration

This section covers important vulnerability scanning techniques and tools. We will explore fuzzing, XSS, SQLi, SSRF, automated scanning, template-based scanning using nuclei, and port and services scanning. These techniques are crucial for effective vulnerability assessment.

Gaining Access

In this section, we will delve into the OWASP Top 10 exploits, which represent the most critical web application vulnerabilities. We will also cover the concept of shells, which are malicious tools used to gain unauthorized access to a system. Additionally, we will discuss Metasploit, a powerful framework for penetration testing and exploiting vulnerabilities. Understanding these topics will provide valuable insights into web application security and offensive security practices.

Maintaining Access

In this section, we will explore shell hijacking, a technique used to take control of a compromised system by manipulating its shell access. We will also delve into Metasploit, a versatile framework widely used for penetration testing and exploiting vulnerabilities. Understanding these topics will enhance your knowledge of offensive security practices and techniques.

Clearing Tracks & Reposting

In this section, we will cover three important aspects of cybersecurity: clearing tracks, report writing, and the future growth of ethical hacking. Clearing tracks involves removing evidence of unauthorized activities, report writing is essential for documenting findings, and ethical hacking offers a promising career with opportunities in penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, incident response, and cybersecurity consulting.

Watch the Sample Video

A sample video of the material available for the learners.

Beginner Friendly

Dive into the world of cybersecurity with our beginner-friendly ethical hacking course. Gain practical skills, learn hacking methodologies, and understand the legal and ethical aspects. No prior experience required. Join now and start your journey towards becoming an ethical hacker.

Student Testimonials

See what our learners say about us. Hearing from all of you about us is what makes us keep going.

"Introduction to ethical hacking opened my eyes to the world of cybersecurity. Mind-blowing course!"
Lisa Hallway
Security Analyst
"I never thought hacking could be done ethically until I took this course. Highly recommended!"
Luis Alberto
Web Developer
"The Introduction to ethical hacking course exceeded my expectations. Engaging and informative content!"
James Carter
Web Penetration Tester
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